We Are Not An Agency




We are a creative firm that partners with brands to solve business problems through creative solutions.





Dana Alhanbali

Managing Partner

I started off in this business in search of something bigger.
As a designer, you learn quite quickly the beauty in making mistakes. You start to understand the dynamic of how one element can change the meaning behind a sentiment. You have access to tools that become building blocks to create things that are beautiful and new, and become very aware of the impact of change.

I love the idea of passionate people coming together to develop work that stands for something meaningful. Something that transcends visuals and invites interpretation and conversation. I believe brands have the power to make a difference in the lives of the people they interact with and that there is no such thing as the right answer. It is never about the answers when it comes to powerful communication, but it is about asking the right questions.

Beattie and Dane will become an experience that will tell a different type of story, and I look forward to learning more about what it becomes on the way.



Anes Al-Rayes

Executive Creative Director

I believe in the power of ideas. I love what I do and have for the past decade or so. This love stems from knowing that there is never only one way to do something or only one solution to a problem. It’s in knowing that there is a genuine respect in the attention a person gives to a brand. Knowing that the weight of an idea is in the thought and time spent trying to understand how to connect with people. It’s a privilege creatives can’t take for granted.

I believe in choices. My journey, while it wasn’t an easy one, has had its ups and downs but looking forward I see that they created the right opportunities. My real drive comes from three of the best choices I have made so far, my children Nadia, Hisham and Hind. They are what will continue to keep me going. Find ways to break the mold, against all odds and continue to push me to fight for the what’s right.

It’s usually the stories worth telling that aren’t being told. Beattie and Dane is a new adventure, and I believe its going to be a fun ride.